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What is VoIP and why is it important to my business?

Updated: May 2, 2022

Your business is important to you and your Telephone and Internet are critical to your business. So what is VoIP anyway and why should I care?

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over IP. Loosely translated, it means that your voice gets converted into packets that can run over an “IP network” (Your data network that your computers run over) instead of the traditional phone lines. In this environment, the phone typically gets plugged into an RJ-45 port that is the same port your computer could plug into instead of the traditional RJ-11 phone port.

A few of the advantages are that with a VoIP solution your monthly costs will more than likely be less, and your phone services will be functionality much higher. In this mobile and remote society, you typically do not want to be locked down to a phone at your desk and only being able I call forward to a cell phone if your current phone solution even has that capability. With VoIP you can literally plug in your VoIP phone anywhere that you can get an internet connection and if someone calls you it will ring right at that location. If are planning on moving office soon this is ideal. I always recommend you set up a VoIP solution BEFORE you move because when it comes time to move you can literally pick up your phones from your old location and move to the new location plug it into the network and BANG! instant phone service. Even if you are moving to a new town or state (no having change phone numbers when you move anymore). Plus, even while you are moving you can have each phone line ring to a specific cell phone(s)for the time while you are traveling so you will literally never miss a live call.

Also with VoIP, all the phones can be interconnected in a single network so that if you have people who work in other offices, remote locations or even a home office you can see if they are on the phone or not, transfer calls, page, intercom… It is all like you are sitting in the same building, but you can be in different parts of the country or even the world. Best of all, there are no long-distance charges for calling other offices in other states!

You also get access to all the basic features you could hope for, Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Auto Attendant, Paging, Intercom, Simultaneous Ring, Hold Music, and much more. You get the full features of a phone system that would have cost you $5K or more for typically less than you paid per traditional phone line.

All that being said, VoIP is not a perfect fit for everyone. You will want to check with your telecom specialist to find out if VoIP is for your business.

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