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Specific Areas of Focus

Genesis Business Advisors helps all businesses be more efficient and cut costs by using technology to your advantage. We can cover all businesses and orgainzations with their phone, internet, television, data, and more.  However, here are a few areas where we particularly shine!


Dentist cleaning a patients teeth

How we can help your dental practice


  • More reviews, better rankings, more patients

  • Get paid faster and more often

  • Full schedules

  • Review schedule remotely

  • More time to focus on excellent service

  • Actionable data and analytics so you can make the best decisions for your business


Front office staff

  • Makes organizing office information simple

  • Easy patient communication handoff

  • One simple tool to learn

  • No stressing over missed calls

  • Automatic form collection

  • Practice analytics makes last minute schedule filling quick and efficient



  • No more phone calls interrupting work

  • Personalized experience

  • Texting for appointments and other needs

  • Easy payments

  • Easy scheduling


Doctor praying

Challenges you might have where we can assist you.

  • Team Chat supports HIPAA compliance

    • Collaborate with your team using a secure chat. If you’re a multi-location practice, keep in touch with your other offices by communicating via our user-friendly platform.

  • Missed call texts

    • If callers can’t reach your front desk, engage with them using our missed call auto texts. These messages allow patients and potential customers to start text conversations with your office.

  • Contactless text payments

    • Let your patients pay for dental services via texted payment requests. If they want to stick with traditional payments, collect cash, checks, credit cards, and mobile wallets at your front desk.

  • Always open mobility

    • Keep in touch with your team and your patients as you’re traveling to conferences or working from home. Use your smartphone or tablet while communicating from your office’s number.

  • Call pop-up profiles

    • Complete patient profiles appear on your computer or smartphone screen when you answer calls. These profiles include details like upcoming visits and outstanding payments.

  • Two-way text messaging

    • Start text conversations with patients that are too busy to answer phone calls. If clients can’t reach your front desk, they’ll automatically receive a missed call text from your office number.


Vet Holding Cat

Veterinary software for optimizing customer care

  • One unified phone system

    • Call and text pet owners from a single number that connects all your clinic’s phone lines. Our phones help vets save on their monthly bills and simplify their communication.

  • Two-way text messaging

    • Let busy pet owners text with your front desk

  • Online review management

    • After appointments, send your clients a simple review request. As your online reputation grows, monitor your review status on popular websites like Google and Facebook.

  • Pet reminders

    • Schedule automated text reminders for upcoming appointments and vaccinations.

  • Always open mobility​

    • Stay connected with your clinic on the road or from home

  • Digital fax service

    • Handle faxes as if you’re at the clinic through Weave’s mobile app. Share documents with pet owners digitally. Just take a quick snapshot and send it from your clinic’s number.

  • Other key services and features

    • Online scheduling

    • Email marketing

    • Payments

    • Team Chats

    • Analytics

    • Unify

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