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How To Identify Phishing Emails

As I am sure you are aware, email phishing attempts are getting more and more common. Please make sure you are on the alert for these heinous attempts to get your information. Hacks do not just affect the big companies but they target the one user businesses every day. Be on your guard and know what to look for. Here is an example of one I just got the other day. Here are a few items that make it obvious that it is a phishing attempt (I highlighted the first two in yellow)...

  • Email address is a screaming red flag. If this is supposedly from McAfee, then it should have "McAfee" in the email address...

    • ( Are you kidding me?)

  • The greeting clearly just took my email and made it into a first name.

  • The header said it "may have expired" the body said it "has expired".

  • There are spelling errors and grammar errors.

  • The fonts are not consistent and the formatting is poor at best.

  • It really pushes hard to try and get you to click on the link and uses a "act now" scare technique.

Always be on the alert! If it looks in the slightest bit suspicious do NOT open the email or click on any links or download attachments.

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