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Get access to #1 ranked enterprise class cybersecurity in a Fully Managed Service


  • Multilayered XDR endpoint protection

  • $1,000,000 integrated cyber liability protection

  • 24/7 live Security Operations Center

  • Custom installation & deployment

  • Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV)

  • On-site Computer Repair

  • User account monitoring and anomaly detection for file, user, host, and networks

  • Network detection rules for lateral movement and data exfiltration

  • File integrity monitoring for fixed environments

  • Live threat intelligence feeds

  • Insider threat protection

  • Deception & honeypotting: decoy nodes, files, credentials and networks

  • Remediation for network, file, endpoint, and user-based attacks

  • Response orchestration across infrastructure components such as firewall, Active Directory, and others

  • Automated response playbooks

  • Patch Management Assistance

  • All included in one subscription, no additional fees

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