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Fake antivirus invoice emails - Be on guard!

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

I received a fairly well crafted email saying that my McAfee subscription was up for renewal and I would be billed $170 if I did not call them to cancel. Some might panic and call the number to find out why they are being billed but you need to be more cautious. This is a classic phishing attempt. On first glance this might look legit, however when you take a deeper look, there are many things wrong with this email:

  • First off, look at the header. This is coming from an email address of Clearly McAfee does not send emails from a Gmail account.

  • They also send "my invoice" to multiple people. Need I say more.

  • Next, they did not personalize it to me, it went to "Dear User".

  • Looks like they did not include a link to click so as to try and not make it look suspicious but instead went with a phone number. Just as dangerous folks.

  • Note the grammatical errors.

  • Finally, I don't have a McAfee account, so there's that.

Please do not be fooled by these attempts and always be diligent. Cyber Crime is on the rise, don't become their next victim.

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